Doc&Tech Lab at Webdox Conference



Today and tomorrow my mates at A Navalla Suíza are giving a workshop at Webdox Conference 2013 in Leuven (Belgium), about open video and HTML5 oriented to documentary makers. Here is the program:

Exploring HTLM5 and Open video

This part is oriented to everyone, filmmakers with no skills, general public and coders with little knowledge of HTML5. This session will show you how to mix and remix video, audio, photos and links using the internet. You will develop audiovisual mix-tapes from online audiovisual sources.

What will you learn and do?

You will get an introduction to the creative possibilities of HTML5: HTML, CSS, Javascript.
Online video and audio: why it is important that video and audio were HTML elements, video/audio formats, browsers, interaction with HTML elements
You’ll watch a video in a HTML document, check the code and features.
Use of javascript to develop video/audio events
Practice: Using the native javascript API
Take a look at frameworks and tools to develop video/audio on the net
Use of popcorn.js, $media and audio APIs
You will design a collaborative project.

One of the options for that collaborative project is to use some of the material provided by filmmakers, hack it and transform it in a web-document.

Web-generated video
There are new ways to approach content and strategies to use it in webdocs. Everything will be online.
We’ll show you some of the options available to create web-generated content and how to apply that content to documentary projects.  This session is oriented to coders and to filmmakers with some knowledge of HTML5, APIs and Javascript.

What will you learn and do?
Catch-up to web and video: HTML5, Javascript and APIs.
Learn strategies of web-generated content: procedural content-generation, real-time data, natural language analysis, visualization of multimedia content and broadcastification of social media.
Strategies for integrate content created by independent users/spectators.
Practice. From a film provided by users, design, planing and building of a demo mixing web-generated content and video. If attendants cannot provide content, the workshop will work on free online content

And yes, a picture of the first day just came from Leuven: